Saturday, November 29, 2008

Every Picture Tells a Story

Once upon a time, Nice Buck was in the clearing, minding his own business, getting some nourishment from the mineral lick.

Suddenly, Nice Buck noticed that someone was coming up the path and leaving the woods. It was the BULLY, Long Tine Tuggins!

Long Tine approached, Nice Buck stood his ground, they glared at each other.

And suddenly, the fight began. Even though Nice Buck was outweighed by at least 25 pounds, he knew he had to try; he was being tested.

In just a minute, it was over, and Long Tine Tuggins claimed the mineral lick. Nice Buck was off to find his buddies. He would never forget the night he left Tuggins looking like he'd been whipped in a bar fight.

Note to hunters: Are you rattling too much? Too often? Note the times at the bottom of each of these photos. For more rattling tips, see

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