Friday, November 21, 2008

Someone Asked Me...

...why I don't post more pictures of rabbits. The answer is simple: For some reason, my cameras rarely capture one. Here's the best pic I've had in the last two months.


  1. "What's up Doc?" lol It's amazing to see all the wildlife you capture on film....great job Steve! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  2. I'm lucky to have a real diversity of habitats in a small area. The camera where the rabbit (and fighting bucks) sits is in a small clearing that is ringed by pine trees. The pines quickly give way to hardwood forest. At the bottom of the hills there is the creek, and on top, areas of tall grasses, multi-flora rose and other undergrowth. In a basic 30 acre area I have lots of 'edges' and transition zones, fruit trees, nut trees (hickory, oak, walnut, and buckeyes - even a few pawpaw - and a source of water - something for everyone.