Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is an Older Photo...

...but it still looks pretty darn good! (One of my cameras died last week and another no longer has a flash for nighttime pictures, so I doubt I'll be getting as many new photos every day for a while. I'll watch after-Christmas sales for a new camera.)


  1. I hate to hear about the cameras going bad, viewing the pics are part of my morning highlights. Man, those antlers look huge while they're in velvet don't they!


  2. I'll still have pictures, Mikey, just not nearly as many to choose from each day. It will likely mean posting pics I normally would have passed on for a better shot...or posting pics similar to ones that have been posted before. I'll do my best to keep things interesting until I'm able to replace the cameras, but with Christmas shopping to do, new cams will just have to wait.