Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Bang for These Bucks

I moved the camera from the hunting blind to the hanging feeder spot yesterday. Near the hanging feeder is an 18" deep hole created by the deer eating the dirt/clay that had been saturated last year with salt/minerals from a 50 pound block. That hole was completely filled with fall leaves until a couple of days ago. Less than 24 hours after I cleaned it out, there was a parade of the bucks - all survivors of shotgun and muzzle-loader season.


  1. Awesome bucks Steve! Glad to see that they survived the hunting season. They're beautiful animals and it's a real treat just to see them in their natural enviroment.


  2. Four of them walked down the path to within 50 yards of my front door this evening just before dark. That pretty much ensures they walked by the new camera - I'll find out tomorrow afternoon...and with a little luck will be posting the first picture from the new camera Friday morning.