Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Here are the first pictures from the new camera, a Stealth Cam Prowler. The color in these daytime pictures looks real good to me. (As always, click on any picture to enlarge.) The camera has infrared technology (instead of flash); I'll post a couple of nighttime photos tomorrow.
A big thanks to the guy in the January 5 photo for his financial assistance in buying this camera. (Some of you may know of his legendary skill in catching Lake Erie Sheepshead when he's not fishing for perch!)


  1. Awesome pictures Steve! The new camera looks to be a great success already! Tell your friend I said "Thanks" for his contribution in giving us a chance to see wildlife at it's finest. Is he a prospector too?


  2. No, he's not a prospector YET -- but I'm sure he'll convert the first time I come home with pickers instead of specks and flakes.