Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Bonus Shot

This is not a trail cam photo, but one I took through my cat-door window with my digital camera. This poor turkey has a bad leg, and I watched her take almost a half-hour to walk down the 200' path to my yard...hop, hop, hop, rest - hop, hop, hop, rest. The good news is that she can fly perfectly and land in a treetop with just the one leg. She's been in my yard the past 3 days eating under a bird feeder.


  1. I hope the turkey can avoid the coyotes and foxes until it's leg heals. I know it's survival of the fittest but I'm pulling for it.


  2. Yes, I figured she was a dead duck, so to speak, when I first saw her hobbling toward my door...but when I saw how quickly she could go airborne, I had a lot better feeling about her chances to survive. I'll post another look at her tomorrow.