Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sure Would Like to See This Out My Window Today...

...instead of the layers of snow and ice! Yesterday when I went back to the trail cams, there were huge limbs falling in the woods about once a minute, so I decided it was too dangerous to enter the woods to retrieve the memory cards. That's why you get a flashback photo today.

Just on the edge of the woods, though, I found Ms. Hopper, who also must have realized the woods were unsafe. She was in some brushy overgrowth between the woods and the clearing - and very happy to get some corn from me! She seems to have weathered the storm just fine; that's one Tough Turkey.


  1. I entered the woods yesterday to check one of my cams, and it wasn't a good place to be. All the typical trails were blocked with ice covered branches sagging to the ground. Trees were down everywhere, and you could hear the constant cracking and breaking of branches. I'm hoping for a bit of a thaw this weekend.

  2. Both of you be careful out there! We lost quite a few trees in my area too, smashing houses and vehicles when they came down. Steve, that pic of the crane makes me wish spring gets here soon, I'm so sick of cold weather! lol