Sunday, February 8, 2009

Half the Basket is Gone

You will need to enlarge the first photo to understand the title of today's entry. I spent 90 minutes looking for it yesterday, but with no luck. The second photo is included to show you how differently photos can appear from the very same spot, depending on whether it's daytime or night.


  1. I just checked one of my game cams today and had a pic of a little buck that dropped one side. I think it is time to start shed hunting!

  2. The buck looks funny with half a rack. It would have been nice to find the lost beam but if you don't I'm sure the wildlife will find it. I've found several out in the woods that have been gnawed on quite a bit.


  3. I'll be posting a better picture of half-basket on Wednesday. I'm guessing it will be the last, as the remaining side looks like it could drop off any minute now.