Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scenes From a Log, Part 2

I mentioned yesterday that I approach trail 'camming like lake fishing. Step 1 is to locate edges or break lines...transition zones. In these pictures, the camera is just inside the pines next to an open grassy area.

Step 2 for fishing is to try to locate structure on the break line - something 'different' like a downed tree or a rock pile, that will attract fish. The structure in these pics are a couple of logs, one which is hollow.

So when fishing, you find your edge, find your structure, and toss out your bait. Same thing here - a hand full of shelled corn, another of bird seed mix - and you just wait to see what you 'catch' with the camera.

And just like you throw back a fish that is too small to eat or the wrong species, I end up throwing back (deleting) 9 out of 10 pictures the camera snaps...

But also, just like fishing, half the fun is in the pursuit, and a few keepers a day makes it all worthwhile!

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