Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Review

Just a few odds and ends from the weekend. First up, I've been averaging around 50 pictures a day of raccoons, but this is one of the first times a cam has caught one standing upright like a prairie dog.

Next - one deer gets a drink of water while another looks on.

The peaceful scene is interrupted. Something spooks the deer, and the camera catches the action!

Snow arrived about 8:30 pm Saturday night.

By Sunday morning, the ground was covered.

Coming up tomorrow: One of the cams catches a thief at the bird feeder. By the way, I found and fed Ms. Hopper Sunday afternoon. Hadn't seen her for a couple of day, but she's doing fine.

Sure is nice to have 4 cameras again. I've had lots of pictures and videos to view every day for the last couple of weeks. Thanks again, Moultrie!

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