Friday, March 27, 2009

Couple More Stumpy-Top Videos

A rainy day, so I skipped a couple of the cameras today. After finding and feeding Ms. Hopper, I checked the stump-cam. Turned out there were a couple of new visitors that were not around earlier in the week. The camera caught a few turkeys walking by.

An opossum stopped by to see if any feed was knocked to the ground.

Though we saw a squirrel at this stump before, we've never seen one do this!


  1. Now that is one crazy squirrel! lol He probably jumped to the camera tree to figure out what it was. I also noticed toward the end of the video that something is moving along the edge of the ridgeline above the left side of the stump. Looks like maybe a deer or a person. Maybe that spooked the squirrel into taking the leap?


  2. Good eye, Mikey! I saw that movement when viewing the video in full-screen mode (though I still couldn't tell what it was), but didn't think it would be noticeable on the blog.