Monday, March 16, 2009

No Luck with the Experiments

A week ago I was told that pileated woodpeckers love suet, so my idea was to head to the part of the woods where I frequently hear them and sometimes see them...with a bungee cord and a suet cake. I found two trees close together so I could get a good shot, strapped the camera to one tree and the suet to the other....only to discover Saturday morning that I'd forgotten to turn on the camera! Something had eaten some of the suet, but I didn't catch the image, as the camera was off. I turned it on, and when I checked yesterday, found that nothing had visited the suet, though Ms. Hopper had caused the camera to shoot one image.

The second part of this experiment involved an old timbered tree. The remaining stump is too tall for a turkey or deer to eat off the top, so I set up a camera and spread corn on the stump. My hope was that a pileated flying over the area might see the corn and land on the stump. Somebody found the corn - but not a woodpecker.

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