Monday, March 23, 2009

Update from the Suet Spot

One day last week the suet cake broke in half, but surprisingly the remaining piece hung on the tree for over 24 hours - to the delight of the white-breasted nuthatches.

Eventually, though, the rest of the cake fell, but that didn't stop the woodpeckers from cleaning up the leftover suet bits on the bungee chord. (Reminds me of trying to get those last few pieces of chicken off your drumstick!)

There was no sign of either part of the suet cake on the ground; I wonder what other animals eat suet?

Tomorrow - a new tree, a new suet cake, and two videos that show me a very interesting difference between woodpeckers and nuthatches.


  1. The suet cake was probably eaten by raccoons, opposums or the coyote that you captured on video. They all are opportunist and eat anything they can find.


  2. Yes, it makes me wish I'd set a 2nd camera on the ground, knowing that the cake was eventually going to fall. I found one of those small suet cake metal cage feeders in my shed today, so the next time I try some suet shots, the cake should last much longer.