Friday, April 10, 2009

Daytime Rabbit and a Mystery Bird

Earlier in the week I promised I would try to get a daytime shot of a rabbit - here are two pretty good ones.

My guess is that this is a fairly common bird, as it's showing up on two of my cameras almost every day right now - but I'll be darned if I know what it is. Anyone? (It will help to click-to-enlarge.)


  1. Good rabbit pictures Steve! Looks like they are eating good. I tried to raise rabbits once to eat but after a while they become more like pets. I kept them until the last one died at the hands of our nieghbors cat. After that I gave all the cages to a friend of mine.


  2. Yes, when you feed and water something every day, and realize it's happy to see you, turning around and eating it can be tough. I remember a similar issue with the steers my dad would lock up for fattening before taking it to be butchered. As kids, we'd sometimes name them and get attached.