Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trail Camera Success Made Simple

I'm in the mood to tout this hobby today. Trail camera photography is not rocket science; it requires the technical ability to punch a few buttons on the front of the camera as you scroll through the menu options. You do not need a thousand dollar telephoto lens to get memorable close-up photos; you can usually get the Moultrie cameras I use for less than $100. There is no film to develop; most cameras use SD memory cards that cost about nothing and can be reused over and over. You do not need a hundred acres of wilderness to catch interesting shots; heck, the ground around a backyard birdfeeder would provide endless photos. I get to see at least a hundred photos a day for every one that I post online.

My personal formula - find an interesting-looking spot in the woods or one that shows signs of wildlife activity, toss a handful or two of birdseed mixed with shelled corn, set up the camera, and you're done! I realize that the majority of trail cams are used by hunters, but if you've followed this blog for any time at all, you have seen how there is a lot more in the woods than trophy bucks. Trail cams are NOT just for hunters; anyone who appreciates nature and wildlife will find them very rewarding; you never know what your camera will capture from one day to the next. What follows is a simple 3-photo set of a squirrrel...nothing special...but photos I probably couldn't get if I spent a month in the woods carrying around my digital camera.

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