Saturday, May 16, 2009

While We're Talking Oddities...

...the usual explanation for the first photo is that there is moisture on the camera's lens, and the explosion of color around the deer's head is a reflection of the flash off the deer's eyes. (Either that or this deer has the ability to utilize a force field of some sort.)

If it WAS just a reflection, then why the heck does the 'force field' remain in front of the deer when it turns it's head away from the camera? Something has clearly alerted the deer...notice the stomping foot.

And when the intruder that alerted the deer ventures too close, the force field becomes a flame thrower and vaporizes the foe!

Hey folks, for a number of small reasons but no big ones, this is my last posting for a while. The cameras need a break, the woods are becoming more and more of a poison ivy and multi-flora rose jungle, the deer and turkey are off having babies, and I've spent enough on feed and batteries for a while. We'll see...I may post once a week or so if I decide to leave one camera in the woods, but for the most part, I don't expect to resume daily posting until sometime in August.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Thanks again to Moultrie for their generous gift. School's out for summer - and the Trial Camera Catch of the Day is taking a break.

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