Sunday, November 15, 2009

Special Edition: How To Make Horseradish

I have no interesting trail cam photos to share right now, so I'm posting the following pictures to show a couple of friends the basic process of going from fresh-dug roots to finished product.

Step 1: Dig the roots and wash off the worst of the mud/dirt.

Step 2: Scrub each root with a veggie brush.

Step 3: Cut off the crown (carefully!) with a cleaver or large knife.

Step 4: Use a potato peeler to peel the roots.

Step 5: Cut each root into small pieces.

Step 6: Place chopped roots in a blender in small batches (1-2 cups at a time, depending on the power of your blender), and add just enough vinegar to reach the top of the roots. Blend well until you have a creamy texture.

Step 7: The finished product! Fill individual containers using a slotted spoon. The spoon allows you to remove excess liquid (vinegar) before filling the containers. Refrigerate immediately or freeze.


  1. It looks to be a time-consuming process!

  2. That it is - but if your patch is of average backyard size, you can complete the entire process in a day and have it in the freezer by night. It helps to round up a friend or two to assist you - especially ones who will take a bit of the finished product as their pay. By the way, I never harvest until we've had a good frost or two.