Friday, November 9, 2012

New Series: The Curiosity Camera

I have a hiking trail I call The Path of Least Resistance, and as I walk it every day, I drop bird seed and shelled corn here and there as I go. When I come back the next day, the food is always gone, and I'm curious to know what is eating it.

So every day for a while, I'm going to move my half-working camera to a different spot along the path and see what critters it captures. The path runs to the lowest part of the property (near the creek), and from there to one of the highest points, and back down again. It passes though pine forest, hardwood forest, and some mixed areas. I'm hoping with a variety of habitats will come a variety of animals. I doubt I'll find anything that hasn't appeared on this blog before, but would welcome any new visitors.

Stop #1 of the Curiosity Cam - the Trailhead - where the only visitors were cardinals, blue jays and a small bird I can't identify. (Some sort of sparrow?) Something triggered the camera several times after dark but I couldn't see what did so. I assume it was field mice. (As a reminder, the digital display no longer works for this camera, so I cannot fix the AM/PM error.)

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