Monday, January 27, 2014

A Milestone - My 500th Posting!

While trying to figure out why my blog was not accepting comments from viewers (which I think I've fixed now), I stumbled upon the fact that today's posting would be #500 since I began. I've been through about 8 cameras, hundreds of batteries, a couple tons of shelled corn and bird feed, and a dozen memory cards. The blog was going to be an excuse for me to learn how to do this, but so far I've never grown bored. You simply never know what the cameras will catch.

So today was supposed to be close-ups of woodpeckers at the suet feeder. I checked the memory card this morning and decided the camera was just a bit too close to the feeder. Here are a couple of the pics from Round 1. As you'll see, suet attracts a lot more than just woodpeckers.

I repositioned the camera and left it for a couple of hours. No woodpecker photos late morning and I was still not happy with the pics I was getting. Here are a couple of Round 2 photos before I again repositioned the camera.

Round 3 went better. By now I've looked at a couple hundred photos today; the camera is truly getting a workout. Some woodpeckers have arrived, along with the usual cast of characters.

I just noticed that today I've reached a second milestone. I earn a few pennies each time someone sees an ad on the blog that interests them and clicks on it. My all-time earnings eclipsed $50 today ;)

In case you're interested, the camera that caught all these birds on a real cold day is a Moultrie Game Spy, Model D-55IRxt. (Big thanks again, Nigel and Natalie, for a gift that keeps on giving!)

The last photos are from Round 4; maybe this is where the camera should have been all day ;)

No more postings for a couple of days. The cameras need a break from the cold. I'll be back soon, though, with who-knows-what from who-knows-where!


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    1. Thanks, Chris - and now I know that the blog IS accepting comments!