Monday, September 22, 2014

Lower End, Section #11

So we've left the creek bottom now and have started a gradual rise and movement away from the creek. The rain missed the farm yesterday but it was real windy all day so the wildlife was not very active. Another tree has fallen very near the downed tree we passed last week, but the WidowMaker (which you'll see in a few days) remains standing. There was a blurry photo of a raccoon at night, but otherwise, these two deer were the only critters caught by the camera.

I'm calling the next photo "Find The Face". Bald head, two eyes, nose and an open mouth - looking toward the camera. It appeared in only one photo; I assume the wind blew it somewhere else in the woods. Do you see it?

And finally today, here's what the path might look like to you if you misidentified the mushrooms you thought were morels. 

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