Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lower End, Section #2

The camera is around the first bend and covering a straight section of the path. Unfortunately, between it being heavily wooded/shaded and us getting rain and lots of overcast skies, the photos today aren't very good. I'd normally have pitched them, but for the trip around the path, I'm going to post SOMETHING every day, sharp or not.

But first, I promised to show what would happen if you missed that first bend when walking and continued straight for three more steps.

It's a long way down to the creek and the drop-off is nearly vertical!

This is one of the few sections of the path so narrow that hikers have to walk single-file. Looks like I better get the leaf blower out tomorrow; you can't even actually SEE the path in these pics.The first use of Critter Mix brought a raccoon, a couple of squirrels and what looks to be a very thin rabbit.

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