Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Upper End, Section #6

There are no animals in the first photo (as far as I can tell), but I've included it just so you'll have a daytime view of today's section of the path. Not a lot to share again today, but I have added comments to a couple of the photos.

Might be my imagination, but seems to me that in almost every photo that includes two rabbits, they are facing the opposite direction. Some innate alarm system?

A fox? Coyote? I can't tell, but the last pic will help me to explain an important lesson I learned today about reviewing your daily trail cam photos. Trail cams have several settings you can fiddle with, and one of them concerns how many photos the cam snaps when it detects movement. This camera is set to take 2 photos, with just a second or two delay between them.

As I was reviewing the memory card this evening, I saw that the photo before this one was of a rabbit leaping in the air. It was blurry - inexpensive trail cams don't have the quickest shutter speed for catching motion - so I deleted it, thinking the next photo (taken just a second or so later) might show a sharper image. Instead, this pic appeared of a mystery critter. I'm sure it's what alarmed the rabbit, but sadly, I no longer have that blurry image of the rabbit high-tailing it out of there. Sharing both photos, despite neither of them being very good, would have captured a moment of real-life nature at work.

I'm sure that the white horizontal line on the right-side edge of this photo is a blurred image of the rabbit's tail as it leaps off the path. The lesson - don't delete any photos until you see what happens in the next!

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