Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Upper End, Section #22 and Lower End, Section #19: The Faceoff

We've reached the day when the two cameras are pointing at each other. Unfortunately, there was not much going on at the top of the hill, but more interesting to me, each camera caught something the other missed. Makes me wonder just how often the cameras DO fail to snap a photo of activity.

Trail cam instructions usually say to replace the batteries when they are down to 50% charge, and I'm not great about doing that. I know both of them are just under 50% right now, so I suppose I'll change the batteries next time I'm up there. That will mean 12 new C batteries, so you can understand why I try to earn a few dollars with the annoying ads on my blog.

The photo caught by the Upper cam is the better of the two, as you can clearly see the deer and the other camera.

Somehow the Lower cam missed that shot completely but caught a different deer at a different time. The other camera is harder to see, but if you draw a line straight to the right from the top of the deer's legs, you may be able to see it.

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