Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Upper Route, Section #24

I'm pretty sure that the lower route camera is missing lots of photos. (That's the one with the digital display that no longer works.) When that camera traveled up the big hill, it caught almost nothing. The upper route camera, now traveling down the same hill, caught all those birds the other day, and caught lots of other critters over the last few days.

I seem to have found a major deer crossing spot for those traveling from the grassy brush on top of the hill to the creek below. I'm sharing some of those photos, but there were many more, both of does and bucks. I'm really now sure how many different bucks you'll see here today; I do know you see rare appearances of an opossum. I don't know why the cams don't catch more of them.


  1. Glad you see beauty...all I see is the need to get out the leaf blower tomorrow ;)

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