Sunday, January 25, 2015

3 More Stops on the Loop

I should mention that the Loop is roughly a quarter-mile around, very similar in size and shape as the track around your high school's football field. Inside the Loop is a jungle of vines and pines, but over the years we've maintained what I call the cut-acrosses. Each one lets you go from the low side of the loop to the high side. When fitness walking, taking each cut-cross when you come to one adds variety and distance to each trip around the loop. Here's a look at the first of them.

Next is simply another of those spots I always drop some feed when walking by. I didn't quite have the camera aimed right to cover the ground, so all you get are a couple of tree shots. I found 5 cardinals in the first photo. Can you find them all?

Finally, the camera that started on the high side of Loop has now rounded the back bend and is headed for home. While the deer photo is not very clear, it does show that Unicorn has not shed his other antler yet!

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