Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upper Route, Section #34

Many of you have seen this stump before, as it's a spot where I drop some feed every time I walk the path. The visitors are familiar ones, but I've added captions to a couple of the pics.

As of tonight, each camera is now pointing to a different end of the path, so the next two postings I do will show the two entrances...and conclude the Walk of the Path of Least Resistance. What's next? Not sure yet, but I'm leaning heavily toward using the cams to show you a Winter Creek Walk. I have brand new steel-toed rubber boots and can't think of a better way to break them in.  We'll see...

Note the solid red head. You'll see something different a few photos lower down.

Black stripes on the head? Don't think I've seen this before.

This one has a bit of red while the next one doesn't. Male and female?

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