Monday, February 9, 2015

CreekWalk: The Log Jam

Although the creek is small, it can really get roaring at times after heavy rain, pushing trees and logs downstream with the current. Today's stop is at a spot where a lot of wooden debris got hung up after one of the last floods. I placed the still-photo cam near the bigger pile and just for curiosity sake, left an opened can of cat food in the middle of it. (Sorry, Luggage.)  As you can see, the first visitor took the can (it's under the big log in the 2nd photo) and left.

I pointed the other camera toward a gnarly bit of wood just to the left of the main jam. There were lots of squirrel videos during the day, and I've included two of them, but first a nighttime visitor.

The first squirrel knows there's more food to be had and just needs to find right angle of approach. The second squirrel - let's just call him Twitchy ;)

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