Monday, October 5, 2015

Enough Different Stuff

I haven't been pleased with any cam's recent catches, but I suppose now that I have several days of photos and videos, there's enough different stuff for a new blog entry.

My idea for the next 3 photos was to watch the mushroom grow over time. Instead, we get to see it destroyed. The plan may have worked if I hadn't thrown critter mix on the ground near it.

Next up, a couple of blue jay videos where you'll learn that they swallow kernels of corn whole and like peanuts in the shell.

The last day of September was an overcast dreary day. In the woods it was dark enough that that the cam shot black-and-white. The first video below shows a bird with what seems to be a white head - a bird I can't identify.

Watch for the squirrel to go racing from right to left in the background about 2 seconds after the bird flies away.

It's rare that my cams catch one of these field mice. I'm guessing that they move so quickly that they're normally gone before the camera can come to life.

And finally, if the bird is flexing in an attempt to look bigger and intimidating to the chipmunk so it will leave, the effort is fruitless.

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