Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Special Edition: More From Amy's Crossing

While my cameras have been snapping hundreds of photos of squirrels and rabbits, Tim and Amy's cam down by the creek, left unchecked for a couple of months, has caught some spectacular photos. Big thanks to Amy for sharing these!

First up, coyotes stop by day and night. Don't think my cameras have EVER caught one during the day.

Take a look at those vultures - wow!

So now it seems there are both stray cats AND dogs passing through the property.

And then there are the magnificent bucks, both at night...

...and during the day!

Sad to see the growth near this guy's eye.

And finally, a couple of turkeys stop by for a drink of water.

One other note: The camera caught a clear image of a trespasser walking the creek. Luckily, he didn't see the camera or he would have taken it. I had one taken a few years ago from the same creek, though I had left it in plain view. Amy's cam was not nearly as obvious ;)

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