Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I've Never Posted Video Before...

...so I'd like some feedback. Do you find a 10-second clip interesting? Did it take long to download/view? Did you have any other problems viewing the video? Is the quality of the video image acceptable? Please use the comments section in this posting and let me know what you think. (Note - there is no sound, just video)


  1. Nice video Steve! The quality is better than a lot of them you see on "YouTube" and it loaded pretty fast on a cable modem. Wildlife is always a good subject, whether it's still shots or videos. Our shop foreman watched it a couple times. He's a turkey hunter and he thought it was very good too. He really likes the still pics of all the deer too..especailly the big bucks! Keep em' coming buddy!


  2. Did you train those birds to stay in frame?
    Let me share my Tom & the Turkeys shots

  3. I'm sure it's the corn that trickled out of the feeder (right above the shot) that kept them in the frame - I've certainly not trained them. They won't let me within 100' of them.

    Folks, be sure to check the link in Don's comment, as he has some EXCELLENT photos!

  4. I like the videos! Look at you MR BLOGGER! :)

  5. The trail cams have been the perfect way for me to learn about creating a blog. Now if only I could figure out how to add a 'DONATE' button!