Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video Test, Part 2

Yesterday's test seemed to go well, so I've decided to try one more. One thing you might want to know; cameras like mine (with flash for nighttime pictures) cannot take video after dark. Mine automatically switches to flash-photo mode when there is not enough light to shoot video. Many upscale models can take video after dark.


  1. Another nice video Steve! I love to watch videos. I wonder what spooked him there at the end? Sometimes I will sit for an hour on "YouTube" and watch prospecting & metal detecting videos. I've been seriously thinking about getting a video camera for OSPA outings and my metal detecting trips.


  2. I used to shoot a lot of outdoor video years ago, but discovered that the problem is you are either SHOOTING or you are DOING. It's hard to do both, and nowadays, I prefer DOING.

  3. I thought the still picture were pretty cool but the videos are twice as interesting.
    Kenny Z