Thursday, February 19, 2009

24 Hours in the Woods

12:13PM - A might wind blows through the woods! (Alternate theory: The camera snapped a picture while I was adjusting it's new spot on the ground.)

12:35PM - Two deer arrive to survey the wind damage.

2:55PM - Another camera catches a large bird in flight. (You might want to enlarge this one for a better look.)

5:40PM - Certainly no need to enlarge this one!

4:40AM - A raccoon handles the 3rd shift cleanup. An opossum followed about 15 minutes later, but was too close to the camera and was whited out by the flash.

7:14AM - Cardinals are the early arrivers, greeting the day's sunrise.

11:38AM - The 24 hours ends with a visit from a squirrel.

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