Thursday, February 26, 2009

High Point on the Path

I have an ongoing winters-only project that started last year. I've been working on opening a walking path through the woods, which when finished will be roughly a mile long loop that will include the lowest part of the property (the creek) and the highest part (top of the ridge). I call it my Path of Least Resistance as I'm using no power tools to create it, just snips, a lopper and a rake, and simply letting the woods and weeds tell me which way to go next, 100' at a time.

In any case, I put a camera on top of the hill a couple of days ago, but so far the pictures have been disappointing. I lost a lot of pics because I forgot to take a compass with me when I set up the camera - and ended up with it pointing directly into the sunrise. More pics were worthless due to the 9 degree night we had - the camera lens frosted up, and while the cam took lots of pics, all you could see was shadows behind the glaze. I still think this spot has potential for some great photos, but don't have a whole lot to share with you right now. The first one would have been pretty cool if it weren't for the remnants of the frost.

This buck appears to be out of breath from climbing the hill. It does the same thing to me.

Finally, some mornings there is a brief window when the sky is bright enough that the cam's flash does not go off, while the immediate area in the woods is still dark. The result is a silhouette of the subject.

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