Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to the Creek

There's something about this first photo that I like a lot. It's not all that special viewed at regular size, but in full-screen mode (or used as your desktop background), it is an unusual picture.

Another deer crossing - though you can see the creek is no longer muddy.

Lastly, though I keep meaning to move the camera from Stumpy-Top, some new visitor seems to show up every day, causing me to keep the camera there one more day.


  1. Hmmm...I've looked at that picture several times and I don't see anything unusual about it. It does look at first glance the deer has a spike still on but that could be a branch behind it. It also looks like a squirrel hanging on a branch above the deer but I'm not sure of that either. I give up! lol


  2. I guess by 'unusual' I just meant that because of the distance from the camera to the deer, it is illuminated nicely, while much of the background is nearly black. Didn't mean to mislead you with my wording; it's just unusual to have a night flash photo without something being whited out or overly bright. I think you'll enjoy Tuesday's posting!