Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Bad Boys, Bad Boys" (or "Mikey Was Right!)

Recently I wrote about the suet cakes falling to the ground and disappearing overnight. In a comment, friend-of-the-blog Mikey speculated on what animals were likely eating the suet.

Couple days ago, I tried Round 2 of the suet experiment, only this time, I put the cake in a small metal hanging cage. (I didn't realize I was being filmed, but what the heck.)

Some nuthatches quickly found the suet, but you've seen them in action before. That night, however...well, let's just say that the guilty parties were caught on tape.

By the way, Mikey - I found and fed Ms. Hopper yesterday, but Luggage was with me, so I just tossed her some corn and skedaddled to the creek before my big game hunter cat sprung into action.

1 comment:

  1. Nice detective work Steve! I knew you would eventually capture the guilty parties. lol That's a good shot ofd you too..good to finally put a face with the name. :) Thanks for looking out for Ms. Hopper and tell that big game hunter that she's off limits! lol