Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turns Out my Path of Least Resistance...

...isn't a great place to dig a burrow. This chipmunk recently dug a hole right in the middle of my walking path. (Ohio's Division of Wildlife A-Z Species Guide web page has convinced me these things are Eastern Chipmunks, not ground squirrels.) You'll meet Chipper in the first video - pay attention to where it's hole is located.

As you'll see in the videos that follow, I'm not the only creature that uses this path.
First, a dove does some digging, flinging dirt into the burrow.

A passing deer steps right on the burrow.

A bird I can't identify stakes claim on the spot and makes threatening moves as Chipper tries to return to the burrow.

Night time. Asleep in the den. A giant arm reaches into the den.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mikey! I hope your road to recovery continues to follow the path of least resistance.


  1. I always assumed that chipmunks and ground squirrels were one in the same. I did some research on Google and found out they are not the same. Thanks to your video I have learned something new today!


  2. BTW, Thanks for the BD wishes Steve! I am doing great so far and I have even returned to work for an hour or so each day this week. The doctor hasn't released me yet but there are some things I have to do as a GE release agent that the others are not allowed to do. I get out as much as I can now, sitting at home is driving me insane! lol Even sitting on a bench at Walmart while my wife shops is a welcomed break of home confinement for me.