Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Challenge/Day 2/I'm An Idiot

Well, I promised pictures, but I didn't promise GREAT ones. Luckily I still had two from yesterday that I didn't use, so we begin by adding a crow and a dove to the list. (Guess I didn't make it clear yesterday that I was planning to count different birds as different critters.)

Now we get to why I'm an idiot. First reason, I actually BELIEVED my phone company Monday morning when they promised me repair by 8pm (I can place but not receive calls) . I even believed the repairman when he was able to force a call to my phone at 2 pm to tell me he would be at my place after doing a job at the Union Bar and Grill. Silly me - 8pm came and went with no repair man. (Tuesday noon update - phone is back in service.) This meant I didn't get to the trail cams until late...where I immediately learned my 2nd idiotic move of the day.

I went to the cam I was most counting on to give me new critters - only to discover that I had left it in 'setup' mode yesterday instead of 'in use' - so it had NO pictures whatsoever from my go-to spot. I had really not planned on going any further, but realized I had to find at least one more camera (though it was nearly dark in the woods by now). And when I found a 2nd camera, I also discovered my third idiotic move.

I had set that camera up yesterday on a steep slope, pointing uphill - and not thinking that rain was in the forecast. With the camera tilted uphill, the ledges around the windows that detect motion and capture the images caught and held rain water, giving me a number of images like this one.
I am not going to count the next photo as my third creature of the day. I've looked at it and looked at it - and I cannot say for sure WHAT it is...but enlarged, it does make for an interesting mystery photo.
So the last picture will have to suffice as meeting my challenge requirement for the day. You may have to enlarge it, but there is a deer walking away from the camera.
Let's hope tomorrow goes better!


  1. Your Monday sounds a lot like my Monday. It seemed that everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. I found myself humming the tune "Rainy days and Mondays always get me down" by the Carpenters. lol Oh well, the rest of the week is looking better so cheer up my friend. :) Now on to the mystery photo. I've looked at it several times and here's my guess. I think it's a large water droplet with some debris on the lense. I know it has defined edges but if you look at the tree trunks coming down from the top of the photo you can almost see them continue down through the form. If it's not that then my second guess would be a very wet deer walking away from the camera. I just find it unusual that a deer would let it's coat get that slick with water before shaking it off. In my younger days of hunting I have never seen deer that wet even in the worst of monsoons. Just my honest opinion. :)


  2. I never thought of it being something on the lens - interesting! My latest thought when looking at the enlarged version is that it is a person, bending over at the waist -- mooning the camera.
    I can see bare legs, leading up to black-and-white-patterned undies.

    One thing - I guess we'll never know for sure.