Thursday, April 23, 2009

Challenge/Day 4/Made It...Barely

By my count, it rained at least 5 times Wednesday and even sleeted on me while in the woods. I did get 3 new entries (and ONLY 3) for the challenge, but first, a deer photo to replace the lousy one from earlier in the week.
Peak wind gusts were 39 mph on Wednesday, so there were not many bird photos. Fortunately I did get this lone cardinal.
Any other week, I'd have a hundred chipmunk photos, but here is the first one the cameras caught this week.
It only seems appropriate that the challenge's turkey photo would be Ms. Hopper. She picked the right day to show up at a camera!
My friend Don predicted I would fail in this challenge -- and I'm starting to believe he will be correct. The weather is supposed to be much nicer the next two days, but unless I get real lucky with a number of different birds, it's going to be tough. (I still need 3 new ones for Friday's post AND 3 more for the weekend post - the planned last day of the challenge.)

There are certainly more animals out there, but I have yet to get my first photo of a groundhog or a skunk, and it's extremely rare for the cams to catch a fox or coyote. We'll see...

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  1. You should place a camera along US52. I must have seen a half a dozen ground hogs between the house and Portsmouth on the way to the OSPA meeting Sunday. They seem to be attracted to the traffic and sit with thier heads above the grass watching the cars go by. I also seen 2 skunks on Rt 104. They were dead though and you could smell them a half a mile before you seen them..peee ewwww! lol