Thursday, April 30, 2009

CreekWeek Update: Suddenly It Was Worth all the Aggravation!

At noon today I headed up the creek to retrieve the cameras and move them - only to have it almost immediately start raining on me. I grabbed all three cams and headed back to the house, almost laughing at how a very frustrating week was ending with me soaking wet and another plan foiled. After drying myself a bit, I found this - and all was well in the universe again!

(Looks like I need to reset the AM/PM indicator on the cam's clock...and the year!)


  1. Great Blue Herons are a good sign that spring is officailly here. According to the Ohio web page on Blue Herons they return to Ohio usually in February or March when the ice disappears from shallow water. Does the creek have minnows in it? It looks like he's poised ready to strike on something living in the water. According to the website they're favorite fair is small fish or insects. They are also know to devore small rodents and birds.


  2. Yes, there are some minnows year-round (that end up getting trapped in the larger pools when the water stops flowing). Right now, however, the creek is a spawning area for a larger chub minnow - you can see them scooping out nest-like areas in the sandy bottom of swifter-moving water. They seem to come up the creek every year about this time - during a week when the creek has been up but is falling and clearing.