Friday, May 1, 2009

Road Trip to Moonville Cemetery

I have no new trail cam photos today as the rain kept me from setting up the cameras after gathering them from the creek. Instead, I'm sharing some photos from a couple of trips to the Moonville Tunnel and Cemetery.

The area is supposed to be haunted, and while I can't say I've seen a ghost, I have certainly been 'spooked' there, especially at the cemetery. One of the things we do when visiting is simply take pictures of the surrounding woods, hoping to later see something odd in the photos. See if you can see why I titled the first two as I have (you will need to click-to-enlarge them)

The first photo is called "Sticking Out Tongue"

This one: "Mr. Big Nose"

Nothing really hidden in this one - the face is obvious.

My favorite (and a great desktop background photo):

If anyone has any Moonville stories to share, please do so in the comment section below. I'm going to leave this page up throughout the weekend and will return on Monday with new trail camera catches.

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  1. I really like te shadow faces! "Mr Big Nose" looks like he's wearing a pair of glasses too. While at the OSPA meeting last Sunday Danette was talking pictues of reconizable images on the trees and rocks. It's awesome how these images show up in nature. Good shots Steve!