Monday, April 6, 2009

Enlarge the First Picture...

...and you'll see a deer that is at least 200' from the camera. It may have been an accidental catch, but if it was the deer that tripped the camera, then the Moultries have a longer range than I realized!

The next two are included to prepare you for tomorrow. Look at the tree behind the turkey and rabbit - the one that has a broken off tree laying horizontally to the left. Sunday I managed to get a camera to balance at the junction of the standing and broken tree. Not sure if I'll get any photos, but if I do, I'm sure they'll be close-ups!


  1. WOW, no that's a sensitive camera! Great closeup of the turkey too. Seems like all the photos of rabbits occur at night. I guess they are mainly nocturnal like the raccoons and opposums.


  2. I know a couple of spots where I should be able to get some daytime rabbit pics, Mikey, will see what I can a couple of days after the daggone snow passes through.