Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Idea Wasn't Bad...

...but the results were somewhat disappointing. These shots are from the spot 8' off the ground where the broken tree intersects with the standing tree in yesterday's photos. There were LOTS of bird photos, but for the majority of those in which the bird was close to the camera, the focus was not sharp. The tree was rather jagged and rough near the camera, so I'm sure it wasn't the most stable perch.

Coming up tomorrow (I hope) - new suet spot video from a new suet spot. More likely, though - a look at what a rain/snow mix does to trail cams ;[


  1. It was still a productive day and the pics are still interesting. Next time maybe put the feed a little further away from the camera. It could be the key to sharper images and whole body shots.


  2. It's hard to see in these photos, but the jaggedness from the broken tree ends about a foot from the camera, and the fallen log is quite smooth from that point to the ground. I couldn't get the feed to sit on the log anywhere but near the break. Might try it again someday when the winds are completely calm so any seed/corn that does balance on top isn't immediately blown away.