Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One Video, One Photo

We didn't get much in the way of rain or snow--just a bit of each with a lot of cold wind. This video is from my latest suet spot. Somehow I lost the small chain that I had used to attach the suet holder to a limb - so for now the cage is impaled on a sapling. Not much action yet - I'm sure more birds will find it soon. Here is a downey woodpecker. Keep your eyes out for a second creature that makes a brief appearance.

By now most of you will recognize the subject of the next photo--my friend Ms. Hopper.
I couldn't find her Monday, but seeing this photo gave me an idea where to look Tuesday. It ended up more like she found ME. Just as I was just about to give up looking for her, she ruffled her feathers and caught my attention. I'm sure she saw my red corn-carrying bucket and decided I was NOT getting away without feeding her.


  1. She's no dummy. lol By now she knows what you look like and that bucket is full of something good to eat. Before you know it she'll be following you around in the wood!


  2. We may have a slight problem next week. My trusty Family Dollar $1.00 plastic bucket finally bit the dust. Hopefully I'll be able to find one that's a similar (reddish-pink) color.