Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walk The Path of Least Resistance With Me

So I fired up a second trail cam and placed one at each end of the walking trail that I created over three Winters of retirement. The path was named because of way I made it - using a 100' piece of rope and no power tools. I'd tie one end of the rope to a tree and figure out where I could go a hundred feet without having to cut down any trees and then tied off the other end. Every time I cleared 100', using just a hand saw and a pair of Fiskers lopers, I'd repeat the process.

The finished path is a little over a half mile long and winds through both pine forest and hardwoods. At one point it drops down to the creek, the lowest part of the farm, before slowly climbing to the top of one of the highest hills. Eventually if works its way back down  to the basic level of the farm itself.

My plan is to check each camera on alternating days, so that both will have 48 hours to catch whatever wildlife is using that particular section of the path. Each time I check a camera, I will also move it about 100 feet further along the path, so that you can see the trail unfold as I did while making it. In about 2 weeks, the two cameras should end up pointing at one another for a day. I'll keep moving them until both cameras has covered the entire path, each from a different direction.

Today's photos come from the upper opening to the path -the last area that was completed. Just like me, it seems that Mama Doe and the twins find it easier to walk the path than to navigate the jungle on either side of it.

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