Saturday, January 17, 2015

Story Time: A Tale from the Lower Loop

Last time I showed you the beginning of the loop. The other camera was set up on the high side of the loop, very near where it intersects with the Path of Least Resistance. I moved that camera today and picked up the memory card while there. Here's a photo to show you what the loop looks like on the high side.

After moving this camera, I continued walking the loop, dropping feed at the usual spots. One of them, which you'll see next week, is a spot where I used to put trace mineral blocks. Over time, the deer have created a good-sized hole by eating the salt-laden clay. 

Bucks shed their antlers every year and grow new ones the next. On the ground inside the lick I found the smallest shed I've ever seen, and picked it up as a keepsake. From top-to-bottom it is just over 6" long. I brought it home and took a photo to share on this blog entry.

From there, I went inside to take a look at the photos on the memory card. Imagine my surprise!