Monday, January 19, 2015

More Loopiness

I start today with another 'thank you' to my Facebook friends who helped make my last post the most-viewed in the history of the blog! Though your sharing, the blog reached a whole new audience!

To make it easier to follow the Trail Cam Catch of the Day, I've added a box at the very bottom of the page that will allow you to subscribe by email. Enter your email address and you'll automatically receive notice each time I post a new page. (Thanks, Paula!)

Many of you know I have the mechanical ability of a mud puddle, so I'm proud to show you something I actually made the other day. The piece of wood mounted on the short tripod will allow me to place a camera in places where there is no tree to attach it to (without simply setting the cam on the ground where it can draw moisture). 1 board, 1 bolt and a drill is all it took.

Here are the first pics from the tripod setup. Nothing special today. A daytime photo to show you where we are on the loop now, and after-dark shots of the buck with the deformed rack. That's not the unicorn buck from the other day but one with two completely different antlers.

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