Monday, April 27, 2009

Transition Day

Before starting CreekWeek, a couple more new birds showed up after I ended last week's challenge. I can't identify either of them - anyone? (I know the blue jay in the 2nd photo, it's the other one, that appears to have a rust or copper colored neck, that puzzles me.)

I also had only one camera near the creek over the weekend, and will move the others Monday, so for now, all I have to share is a picture of Cyrus, one of my landlord's dogs, and a too-close photo of a turkey.

It WAS hot here Friday, but not 102 degrees.


  1. Nice pics Steve! I not very good at IDing birds but the first one looks like a maybe a barn swallow. I know a bird watcher and I'll see if I can get him or his wife to do ID's for us.


  2. Mikey - I completed tomorrow's posting just before reading your offer to enlist the aid of a bird watcher -- you must have been reading my mind, as you'll see that in tomorrow's post I ask if anyone know a bird watcher. I appreciate this offer greatly!

  3. Steve, I believe the bird in question may be a brown headed cowbird.

    Greg Barr (yes, that Greg Barr!)

  4. Hey Greg! You know, I've never heard of a brown headed cowbird before, but when I looked it up - eureka! I have definitely seen that bird in several of the trail cam photos - and had no idea what it was. Thanks - great detective work!